Ayahuasca Integration

Living the Wisdom

3-Month 1-on-1 Integration Support Program

You have journeyed with the sacred master plant Ayahuasca and encountered profound experiences... now, how do you begin living the wisdom?

To begin living the wisdom of a holy experience such as Ayahuasca in our contemporary world today is the journey of a lifetime. We wholeheartedly know that the process of integration is mysterious and ever-evolving, requiring kindness, patience, and dedication to gently allow the teachings of this master plant to healthily unfold in your life.


Integration is a common and widely-used term when working with plant medicines across the world. But, what does it actually mean?

For us, integration is the process of living the wisdom and embodying the meaningful lessons, visions, and experiences from the Ayahuasca ceremony, by practically incorporating the changes into everyday life.


In practice, it is as unique as the rhythm, pace, and style of one's soul. It is like a river, dynamic and flowing, always changing and moving - but guiding us in a certain direction. The core of integration is about becoming intimate with this river and noticing what is being asked of you in the transformative process. Sometimes this may look practical, and other times completely irrational, but most often it becomes a blend of both.

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Working with Ayahuasca

as a Pathway of Initiation

"Initiation happens, or tries to happen, whenever the course, direction, or meaning of our lives changes dramatically."

~ Michael Meade

Unlike indigenous and mestizo societies that have utilized Ayahuasca ancestrally for various community-based intentions for thousands of years, we in the western world have the great challenge of making sense of our experiences with a fragmented understanding of what it means to be human. In other words, in mainstream culture, an expansive cosmology to frame our numinous experiences does not exist. In general, we struggle to embody the multi-dimensional nature of reality. Most of us don't live in a village with mature adults, mentors, and elders to guide us. Ultimately, we have lost the connection to the Indigenous Soul - individually, culturally, and societally. Where many ancient societies create a cocoon around profound spiritual experiences such as big dreams, visions, and direct revelations, we in the modern world tend to become stuck and lost in between worlds.  

This is precisely why we believe the element of integration is paramount.

One of the misconceptions of working with Ayahuasca is that all of the healing and transformation are done for you in the ceremony. Whilst we respect that miraculous healing from one Ayahuasca ceremony is possible, we believe that it's uncommon to walk out of a ceremony and have your life completely transformed for you. As with any kind of spiritual or psychological undertaking, and specifically with the master plant medicine work - the plant spirit meets you halfway. As the saying goes, the humble work begins when the ceremony ends.


 Doing the integration work, as Angeles Arrien's words suggest, requires that we

"walk a mystical path, with practical feet." 

The Return: The Integration Phase

If your experiences in ceremony were symbolised as seeds given to you to be planted, the integration phase then asks: how will you tend to those seeds so that they might grow and eventually bear fruits? 

We see that every encounter you have with Ayahuasca can serve as a little initiation. The experience of drinking Ayahuasca can be an immense ordeal, facilitating a death-rebirth of your identity, challenging you to show up in the world in a renewed way for the benefit of your community. Although, when you return home, you may not have the inner resources or external guidance to support this new transformation. It can feel daunting, as if your entire life has been flipped upside down. Even worse, this little initiation can turn into a crisis if the process is not nurtured adequately. The reality is, it can feel overwhelming to tend to your process alone. 

However, the return home is not supposed to be an individual journey - it requires the presence of a psychospiritual guide (and ideally a community). With this in mind, your integration process becomes the "solitary work that cannot be done alone" as said by Ira Progroff, and this is where we can support you.  

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“Most people process and integrate their [Ayahuasca] experiences on their own without the added benefit of psychotherapy. This means that they miss the time of greatest therapeutic opportunity - the first few weeks after a ceremony when the psyche is most flexible and open. Unfortunately, most people return to their work-a-day lives after a ceremony, and they have to be appropriately discreet about even mentioning their illegal activities. In sharp contrast, compare this situation to how the Navajo treat those who return from a vision quest. One study noted, “For four days after the conclusion of the ceremony, the [seeker] is considered by family and friends as if he or she is a Holy Person and given an opportunity to focus, evaluate, interpret, and experience a new self.” 

~ Rachel Harris, Ph.D, in Listening to Ayahuasca (2017).

Our Role as Integration Guides

Our role as Integration Guides is to hold space for you to become intimate with the full spectrum of who you are and to support you in navigating the most challenging aspects of your experience. 


  • Re-connecting to the wisdom of your body and working through unresolved psycho-somatic symptoms  

  • Addressing incomplete traumatic experiences, and resolving them through somatic inquiry

  • Practical tools to track your progress of changing habits and integrating the Self-knowledge from ceremonial experiences

  • Emotional & psycho-spiritual tools to support you to work with disturbing or confusing material and deepen your self-awareness (e.g Post-Jungian dreamwork, Process-work, somatic inquiry, journal exercises, etc.) 

  • Nurturing your connection to the Spirit world, Ayahuasca, and your plant allies 

  • Non-pathologizing and non-labelling guidance to support you in safely navigating difficult states of experience and intense emotions (e.g depression, anxiety, anger, helplessness, shame, grief, spiritual emergence, etc.)

  • Navigating conflict and sudden-change in relationships (e.g emotional triggers, disagreements, separation/divorce) 

  • Healing childhood wounding and trauma that may have been triggered from your ceremonial experiences

  • Defining your values and guiding principles, and making healthy and aligned decisions that support your integration process

  • Cultivating a stronger connection to yourself and your destiny (i.e calling, spiritual path). 



If you'd like to find out more about our therapeutic style, approach, and philosophy, please visit the Holistic Psychotherapy page on this website.

We will support you with


Our Journey with

Amazonian Plant Medicine

We began our journey with Ayahuasca in 2014, first working with this plant spirit in Australia, and then completing a 3-month intensive in Vegetalismo (plant-spirit shamanism) in 2016 whilst living overseas for 1 year. This intensive was the beginning of a long-term relationship with Ayahuasca, as well as with other Amazonian master plant teachers that continue to inform our therapeutic work and personal lives.
From our experiences, we believe that what is most important is not how many ceremonies one has had, but whether one is committed to living the wisdom in their everyday lives. Our perspective is that integration is a process - often a slow and gradual one - which requires a dedication to ongoing inner-work, as well as the challenging task of making practical changes in life in order to translate these profound encounters into gifts for ourselves and our communities.


Our dedication to this work is inspired by our professional therapeutic training working with non-ordinary states, our own personal journey of on-going integration, and our deep respect for this work and tradition. We now feel grateful that we can offer support to others who are yearning to integrate these experiences into their lives, and we hope that we can serve you, as guides and bridge-walkers, on your unique path.

Integration support may be ideal for you if

  • You are struggling with the realization that you are not who you used to be and you can’t recognize who you are now, and this change of identity is making you feel disconnected, confused, and alone

  • You are having difficulty expressing, communicating, and sharing the depth of your experiences as you feel that the people in your life can’t relate to, nor understand, you anymore 

  • You are experiencing anxiety, depression, and/or other difficult states post-ceremony, such as negative or suicidal thoughts, addictive tendencies, paranoia, intense fears, loss of boundaries, etc. 

  • You feel very connected and attuned to your spirituality, but disconnected from your body, people in your life and the world around you

  • You thought that you had cleared, healed, and resolved unhealthy patterns and behaviors in ceremony, but they seem to be resurfacing and affecting your well-being and relationships

  • You find it difficult to function in your everyday life because you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of insight and spiritual downloads after the Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • You are seeking a caring and non-judgemental space to express yourself vulnerably and unpack some of the experiences you've had 

  • You want to receive guidance and effective tools so that you can feel more connected and embodied in your life


  • You are eager, open and willing to go on a 3-month journey of integration and to do the necessary emotional, somatic, psychological, spiritual, and relational healing work


What this program includes

6 x 60min Integration sessions, every fortnight for 3 months

Email & Texting Support

Personalized Exercises, Practices & Tools to support your transformation

Guidance + feedback in crafting your own rituals (including an opening ritual for our work together)

A 3-month Online Qi-Gong & Yin Yoga membership with Marisa Cranfil from Yoqi.com

A writing journal to support you in your integration process 

Your Investment

Full Payment ~ $700 AUD

2 x payments of ~ $355 AUD

3 x monthly payments of ~ $240 AUD

All payments are non-refundable 

If you have any questions about the program, or if you feel ready to apply, please reach out to us via the contact page, and specify who you are interested in working with.  

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