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Interview with 
Kerry Moran

Conversation #5: "Ayahuasca Wisdom:

Integrating Visionary Experiences"

"For me, Ayahuasca and other teacher plants, including San Pedro, Iboga, and the many plantas maestras encountered on dieta, offer pathways of profound and powerful healing. As an integration therapist, I seek to bridge the worlds of plant medicine, depth psychology, and meditation to develop effective ways of working with ancient traditions and the modern mind."

- Kerry Moran

Kerry Moran, M.A., LPC is an American psychotherapist and writer who's been working with ayahuasca integration since 2014. She brings decades of experience in depth psychology and Buddhist meditation to her practice, combining a big-picture understanding of the dynamics of the integration process with a deeply compassionate regard for each individual. Among other things, she's a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, an archetypal astrologer, and an apprentice Tabaquera. She lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru, where she offers integration sessions online and writes about ayahuasca and integration.


In this interview, Kerry shares with us the experiences that led her to discover plant medicine and to work as a plant medicine integration guide today. She describes how the two pathways of Buddism and Depth Psychology have supported her in both the preparation and integration phases of her own life, and the various tools, skills, and capacities that are needed for the process of life-long integration work in our contemporary western culture. 

Themes: Buddhist Meditation ● Ayahuasca Integration ● Depth Psychology & Dream-work ● Healing & Wholeness

Kerry's Free Offering

Kerry is offering a USD $50 discount on her 10-week online Integrating Ayahuasca course for the month of July.  


To join this self-paced course, visit HERE.

This offer will be valid until August 1st, 2021, and to redeem the discount, use the code: JULY21

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