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Living The Wisdom of Plant-Medicine Experiences

To begin living the wisdom of plant medicines in our contemporary world today is the journey of a lifetime. We wholeheartedly know that the process of integration is mysterious and ever-evolving, requiring kindness, patience, and dedication to gently allow the teachings of the master plants to healthily unfold in our lives.
Integration is the process of unifying or making whole; it is the practice of embodying the meaningful lessons, teachings, and transmissions from the plant medicine experience into our daily lives, whilst also clearing, releasing, and changing what is no longer in alignment with us. Integrating and thus living the wisdom of plant medicine is a genuine path of evolution. It asks us to listen and connect deeply with ourselves, to develop the courage to make gradual and difficult changes in our lives, and to strengthen and humble ourselves as we pass through the many inevitable periods of challenge.

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Working With Plants As a Pathway To Initiation

"Initiation happens, or tries to happen, whenever the course, direction, or meaning of our lives changes dramatically."
~ Michael Meade

Unlike indigenous and mestizo societies that have utilized plant medicines ancestrally for various community-based intentions for thousands of years, we in the western world have the great challenge of making sense of our experiences with a fragmented worldview of what it means to be human. In mainstream culture, an expansive cosmology to frame our numinous and spiritual experiences does not exist. Due to this, we may struggle to embody the multi-dimensional nature of reality as most of us don't live in a village with mature adults, mentors, and elders to guide us. Ultimately, we have lost the connection to the Indigenous Soul - individually, culturally, and societally. Where many ancient societies create a cocoon around profound spiritual experiences such as big dreams, visions, transmissions, and direct revelations, we in the modern world tend to become stuck and lost in between worlds.  This is precisely why we believe the element of integration is paramount.


One of the common misconceptions about working with plant medicines is that all of the healing and transformation is done for us in the ceremony. Whilst we respect that miraculous healing from one ceremony is possible, we believe that it's uncommon to walk out of a ceremony and have our lives completely transformed for us. As with any kind of psychospiritual undertaking, and specifically with the master plant medicine work - the Mystery tends to meet us halfway. As the saying goes, the humble work begins when the ceremony ends.
Doing the integration work, as Angeles Arrien's words suggest, requires that we
"walk a mystical path, with practical feet." 
If your experiences in ceremony were symbolised as seeds given to you to be planted, the integration phase then asks: how will you tend to those seeds so that they might grow and eventually bear fruits? 

We see that every encounter you have with plant medicines can serve as a little initiation. The experience of ingesting Ayahuasca, Peyote, Huachuma, or Mushrooms can be an immense ordeal, facilitating a death-rebirth of your identity, and challenging you to show up in the world in a renewed way for the benefit of your loved ones and community. Although, when you return home, you may not have the inner resources, appropriate relational space, or external guidance to support this new transformation. The world can feel isolated, disconnected, and contrasted to the powerful energies you experienced in ceremony. It can feel daunting to return home - as if your entire life has been flipped upside down. Even worse, this little initiation can turn into a detrimental (rather than transformative) crisis if the process is not nurtured adequately. The reality is, it can feel overwhelming to tend to your process alone. 

However, the return home from such an ordeal is not supposed to be an individual journey; it requires the presence of, at minimum, an appropriate relational container - be it a psychospiritual guide, an experienced loved one who can offer support, or (at best) a community. With this in mind, your integration process becomes the "solitary work that cannot be done alone" as said by Ira Progroff, and this is where we can support you.

Our Role as Integration Guides

As plant-medicine apprentices and integration guides, we believe that a minimum of 3-sessions spaced out fortnightly/bi-weekly (i.e 1 session every two weeks) is an adequate starting place for tending to your unfolding process. This allows for space in between sessions to elaborate on what you experienced and to begin to craft the rituals, habits, and practices that will support you in your growth, transformation, and evolution. 

Our role is to hold space for you as you navigate the challenging, murky, awe-inspiring, and beautiful experiences post-ceremony. We serve as guides in this mysterious process, offering a broad scope of support, including: resolving trauma and somatic integration; cultivating relational and emotional maturity; developing embodied spiritual practices; working with dreams and spontaneous visionary experiences; nurturing the connection to your body and self-care; navigating conflict and transitions; unfolding your mythic patterns and calling in life, etc. 

Please note that right now our focus is on supporting the integration of plant-medicine ceremonies, as well as those who are returning from master-plant dietas. Thus, we support folks who are interested in integrating experiences with Ayahuasca, Yagé, Huachuma (San Pedro), Peyoté, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Iboga, and Master Plant/Tree Dietas. 

We currently do not specifically work with the integration of the following psychedelic substances: LSD, MDMA, Ketamine, Bufo etc.


Details of Working Together 

Our sessions will be held online via Zoom from our space in the Sacred Valley of Peru, every two weeks for 3 sessions (minimum). The total cost is AUD$450 / USD$290. All sessions are required to be paid for upfront, at the time of booking.


If you feel called to continue integration sessions after this point you can either book single sessions for AUD$160 / USD$100, or secure another 3 sessions for the discounted rate of AUD$450 / USD$290.  

Prior to completing your appointment booking via Calendly, please thoroughly read through the information in the calendar which includes details about preparation, terms of service & cancellation agreement, fees & payment instructions, etc. Please note that we can only begin our work together once you have completed the intake form included in the Calendly appointment booking system. 

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