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Become A Mountain

If I could

I’d become a mountain,

reverently kneeling

at the altar

of Life

my arms reaching far

into the ground,

with palms and fingers stretched out

pressing gently against

Earth Mother’s —

joining together

in ceremonial prayer.

If I could

I’d become a mountain,

waging uncensored beauty and

unshakable loving tenderness

upon all encountered,

while ugly wars rage

and corporate lords cage

Life – ignorantly

filling up more


If I could

I’d become a mountain,

coaxing wandering pilgrims

to trek

the rugged trails of

my cultured body

that lead all the way up

to the misty pinnacle

where together, we could kiss

the unravelling dawn

with our ripe awe,

and with watery eyes,


our sacred instructions

for becoming

living ancestors.

© Alexandre Jodun

[Photo by Artem Sapegin]


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