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Your genius-core is a seed of infinite Life,

patiently awaiting the precise conditions

where the visible and the invisible,

marry and give birth

to your Radiance.

“You are here to bloom”

is the abiding tune

in this lucid dream.

Here is your history:

Your mother lives in the sludge and bacteria of creek-waters,

and you have her skill of diving beneath the world when necessary.

Your father’s lineage is regal and benevolent in all directions,

and his luminosity is yours to claim too.

Here are your gifts:

Your body is made of Elk skin, the frequency of crystals and stardust, and the blood of warriors.

Your heart is a Wisteria blossom, untethered to right and wrong.

Your mind is a sublime haven for those who are yet to embrace Love.

Your soul is a cosmological labyrinth carrying Wisdom beyond time.

Your spirit is the breath of the Holiest Ones.

Everywhere you look,

there you are looking back at yourself,

in your ordinary brilliance,

in your original nature

of Being.

And this revelation,

trembling of eternity,

opens you again.

© Alyona Kobevka


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