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"Two of the most beautiful people I have ever met, both supporting people with their loving care. Earlier this year I had taken on a challenging role and it was causing me a lot of anxiety and old self-worth issues were resurfacing for me, so I asked if Alexandre would support me to clear out and move forward with ease and right from the very first session his work has created a profound shift in me. I have been in the alternative healing and massage realm for over two decades and had many "healings" over those years, and I can honestly say that Alexandre is a highly skilled therapist and well ahead of his years. You can really sense the deep wisdom and feel his heart-centred connection when you are in his presence. I highly recommend A Healing Bridge!" ​


"For a number of years now I have been looking for a psychotherapist who genuinely works with the whole person - mind, body and spirit. The sessions I've had with Alyona have catalysed and supported some of my most transformative growth yet. Alyona is a natural therapist - she's warm, intelligent and deeply empathic, with quite a unique combination of tools to accompany my journey and encourage expression that is most authentic to me. I feel like I've rediscovered parts of myself that were long forgotten, and reclaiming those has left me feeling more alive and able to meet life with a greater sense of embodied awareness, presence and courage."


"Alexandre & Alyona have the ability to hold a sacred and protected space. I found the group work to be rich, insightful and just what I needed at the time! The ripple effects have continued into my daily life. Thank you both for your generous hearts and combined skills that made me feel safe and nurtured during my inner work."


"It is a beautiful thing to sit in a workshop with these two special humans. Deeply caring, soulful, present, humble and wise, they create a safe and soulful container to explore grief in gentle and life-affirming ways. Such a gift to have found Alyona and Alexandre and I look forward to joining them in further offerings."

I have had the privilege and honour of working with Alyona from a A Healing Bridge.  During her sessions she creates and contains a sacred space where her presence is felt with such care and diligence. Her ability to charter the depths of the psyche with such care and respect is a gift. Her tenacity to cover the terrain of your soul requires that of a seasoned traveller. This is felt in her integrity and trust. She holds a unique calibre of the Holy and Poetic life. I absolutely trust that you will be held in sacred space with Alyona. Her wisdom exceeds her years and your soul will thank you for it. Highly recommend her!”  


"So incredibly grateful for the insightful sessions I had with Alexandre. With each session, I felt so comfortable by his process, his energy and the space he held. It allowed me to go into the areas that I needed to and really see and actually feel what was there. Unlike other types of therapy, I really found his process to be more embodied which then meant the changes and realizations last longer than just a mental insight. I also found I learned so much about how to lean into and work with feelings and sensations that come up, and feel like I have the tools to navigate this in the future from the processes we explored together. Highly recommend Alexandre to anyone who wants to understand themselves more, to explore processes on navigating challenging emotions and to be able to embrace life with all its multiple facets."


"Alyona & Alexandre are the real deal - they're incredibly genuine and grounded practitioners who hold a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I always feel fully seen, heard, and held in their presence - they create a very safe container that supports deep self-inquiry, healing and integration."


"Alexandre and Alyona support a tender and gently held space necessary for personal healing, insight and growth. They are soul activists of deep integrity."


"After many years of misguided mainstream psychiatric and psychological treatment, I was fortunate to stumble across Alexandre’s Holistic Psychotherapy practice on social media. My work with Alexandre has made a very real difference to my life. He has provided a safe, kind, non-judgemental space for me to sit with the darkest corners of my psyche, and guided me out of those spaces with the tools to turn what I have found into gold. As a psychotherapist, Alexandre is incredibly present and intuitive. He has a unique ability to identify the keys that will help to unlock whatever it is that needs to be looked at in the light. That is, he asks the right questions. In my sessions with Alexandre, I feel genuinely seen and honoured as a human being. In my experience, this is a rare thing within the power dynamics of the therapeutic relationship. I leave each session with Alexandre with new insight and tools for integrating what I have learned about myself."


"I cannot recommend Alyona highly enough to anyone who is seeking personal transformation and healing. I have searched for many years for the right therapist, and I have found it in Alyona who is exceptionally intuitive, compassionate and skilful. She works in a way that is deeply holistic, integrative, spiritual and profound. Alyona provided a nurturing therapeutic space within which to confront and work with challenges I am experiencing. At all times I felt supported, safe, known and cared for.  It was truly a gift to meet Alyona and work in this way. I look forward to working together again."

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