Ritual & Ceremony

Honour Transitions & Remember Purpose in Life

Ritual & Ceremony is an experiential practice of intentionally co-creating change and transformation. 

If you go back far enough within your ancestral lineage, you would likely find that ritual and ceremony was intricately woven into everyday life, feeding the sacred relationship between the seen and unseen worlds. However, in our modern times living in the digital age, we have absorbed generations of trauma, which has resulted in a perception of separation and a loss of these sacred practices. This trauma has manifested as an over-emphasis on self-reliance and individualism, and has severed us from our internal access to the creative powers of Spirit - thereby disconnecting us from animist and nature-based practices that we so desperately need in order to rediscover our embodied interconnectedness with all of life.

We recognise that today, many of us are experiencing a hunger deep within us, that the modern mainstream lifestyle cannot satisfy: the longing to belong to the sacred web of life and the vital yearning to connect to our divinity. This is where we can turn to ritual & ceremony, and revive a meaningful connection to our own souls and our communities.


"There is a world behind this world. The old cultures used to be in constant conversation with it through the sacred practices of storytelling, dreaming, ceremony, and song. They invited the Otherworld to visit them, to transmit its wisdom to them, so that they might be guided by an ancient momentum. But as we succumbed to the spell of rationalism, the living bridge between the worlds fell into disrepair. As fewer made the journey back and forth between the doorsill where the two worlds touch, we forgot how to find the Otherworld. At any given moment, we are either turning away from or coming into congruence with our kinship with the mystery."

~ Toko-pa Turner

Grief Ceremony - A Healing Bridge - Alyo

Each Ceremony & Ritual is Unique

Every ritual and ceremony is customised to suit your needs, and is a co-creative process between ourselves, and our ancestors and guides. In practice, we will enter into a conversation with you to determine your intentions; then, we will go and consult with our Spirit team to confirm what elements, practices and ritual prescriptions are necessary to address your desires and concerns. For example, if you're working with the theme of grief, we might include the element of water and the spirit of Rose; in another ritual that's focused on healing the end of a relationship, a ritual might entail working with the element of fire and utilising the practice of Soul-Centric Breathwork™. We will always share with you what our suggestions are for the ritual prior to our session, to confirm that it resonates and aligns with what you're seeking. 

Possible Ritual & Ceremony Elements: 

  • Elemental Divination (Only with Alexandre)

  • Energy Healing (Only with Alyona)

  • Nervous System Re-Balancing (De-Coupling Technique)

  • Making Offerings

  • Working with the Elements (Fire, Water, Mineral, Earth)

  • Soul-Centric Breathwork™ 

  • Writing, Drawing & Expressive Art

  • Prayer, Music & Song

  • Movement

  • Visionary Journeying 

  • Silence, Stillness & Contemplation

  • Poetry

  • Cleansing with Herbs, Plants & Elementals

*Note: All rituals & ceremonies will be conducted indoors, and there is no ingestion of plant medicines in these types of ceremonies. Sometimes a ceremony will require an integration assignment, which may involve you taking some time on your own in nature. 

How Ritual & Ceremony Differs From Psychotherapy

Ritual & Ceremony

  • predominantly oriented towards Spirit 

  • focuses on Spirit & Nature as the agents of change 

  • centred around direct, non-rational, and embodied experience 

  • facilitated as a primarily non-verbal experience  


  • predominantly oriented towards Psyche (Soul) 

  • focuses on the individual as the agent of change

  • centred around awareness, insight, and meaning 

  • facilitated as a primarily verbal experience

Personalised Ritual & Ceremony May Be Suitable For You

  • if you are seeking nurturing healing from miscarriage, abortion, still-birth, surgical procedures, sexual abuse, etc. 

  • if you are struggling to navigate grief, loss, and sorrow in your life, e.g the death of a loved one, a divorce/break-up, family estrangement, ancestral burdens, childhood trauma/abuse, ecological-grief, etc.

  • if you would like to discover more about what is happening in your life on a spiritual level, and would like to connect more deeply to your intuition, e.g relationship with your destiny/calling, re-connecting with your ancestors and helping guides, uncovering blindspots, blockages and fears

  • if you are wanting to ritualize the letting go of a former identity that no longer serves who you are and/or the integration of an emerging identity in your life


Personalized Ritual ~ $250 AUD / 2.5 hours

All payments are non-refundable

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Community Ritual & Ceremony 

Something is healed emotionally and opened spiritually when we allow ourselves to be held and witnessed in community ritual and ceremony. This kind of witnessing gives us permission to be who we naturally are, and to begin living into what makes our soul come alive. By gathering together with a shared intent and with a willingness to go into the unknown, we can move towards our wholeness and revive an ancient and embodied wisdom within.

"While we have much to learn from indigenous cultures about forms of rituals and how ritual works, we cannot simply adopt their rituals and settle them neatly onto our psyches. It is important that we listen deeply, once again, to the dreaming earth and craft rituals that are indigenous to us, that reflect our unique patterns of wounding and disconnection from the land. These rituals will have the potency to mend what has been torn, heal what has been neglected. This is one way that we may return to the land and offer our deepest amends to those we have harmed." 

~ Francis Weller

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We acknowledge the Wurundjeri peoples of Melbourne, Australia, the traditional custodians of the land that we have the privilege of living and practicing on.

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