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Interview with
Sharon Bolt

Conversation #4: "Blessings and Teachings:

Shamanic Spirit Work & Ancestral Remembering"

“The ceremony is what the elder runs, not the person that just started doing the work. I don’t know how that became inverted in our society. I always say to people, you have to do two weeks training to become a barista, but you don’t have to do two weeks training to become a ceremonialist? When you’re looking after people’s souls? Why is the soul not important?” 

- Sharon Bolt

A skilled Spirit Weaver, Master Trainer & Ceremonialist, Sharon's qualifications include training as an accredited kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellations practitioner, past life regressionist, NLP practitioner, and core shamanism guide. Sharon is also a trained chi kung instructor, which involved her studying the Korean branch of this mind-body energetic arts system for seven years. During her training in this discipline - which also involved living with Korean energy masters for two years - she was a practicing Taoist monk, and ran an Energy Training Centre in London which boasted over 200 members. 
Sharon is not a spiritual lightweight when it comes to seeking out and embodying new realms of esoteric and traditional knowledge, and has undergone rigorous spiritual initiations in different parts of the world in order that she may “walk her talk”.
Sharon now teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training expertise ( Shamanic Energy Training) which is an embodiment programme of personal empowerment – allowing students to ground and incorporate key energy principles into their everyday lives.


The leadership and responsibility skills Sharon developed from an early career as a Global Account Director for London based Advertising Agencies, helps her conduct extremely-organised large scale events.  Sharon is a grounded facilitator who is both empathic and decisive in her approach to group (and individual) interactions. A prolific collector of wisdom from a diverse spectrum of schools and traditions, Sharon shares her learnings and insights with the larger community, holding regular events, trainings and programmes, which encompass a wide range of her experiences.


Sharon creates grounded spaces that offer up evolutionary opportunities, and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people – emotional and otherwise. A wounded healer herself, Sharon is a spiritual midwife, and helps people ‘birth’ their True Authentic Selves. Sharon also enables people to work with their inner shadow, using techniques that are both deeply healing and transformational in nature. A native of Nicaragua, Sharon’s lineage is indigenous American, Spanish, English and Hungarian.  She comes from a bloodline of spirit workers and curanderos (healers).


In this interview, Sharon takes us through her 20-year journey as an apprentice and facilitator of plant spirit medicine. From her deep wisdom and expertise, she illuminates the pitfalls and challenges of walking a shamanic path and honestly reminds us of the power that is available in healing our ancestral lineages. 

Themes: Master Plant Medicine Preparation ● Healing Childhood Wounding ● Shamanic Ceremony & Spirit Work ● Ancestral Remembering

Sharon's Free Offering

Free live 1-hour Q&A Call with Sharon, Alyona & Alexandre


Held on July 1st, 2021 @11.30am (Melbourne timezone, AEST) online via zoom


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