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Alexandre Jodun is a holistic psychotherapist, ritualist, and musician, dedicated to exploring and reviving what it means to be fully human. His therapeutic approach is integrative, animist, and mythopoetic at heart, focused on guiding individuals to rekindle their relationship to bone memoryto re-attune their awareness to the wise intelligence that lies within body, dreams, relationships, ancestry, nature and the unseen.

In practice, Alexandre predominantly works with sensitive men and womxn who are on a journey of psychological and spiritual awakening, and are navigating a challenging life transition, a radical shift in identity, or the resurfacing of unresolved trauma. As a bridge between process-oriented and transpersonal psychology, and earth-based and indigenous perspectives, he empowers those he works with to skilfully walk alongside Trouble, to remember how to slow down and reconnect with the wise whispers of nature and their unique soul, and bravely enter into a more meaningful and expansive conversation with life. Through his work with deep emotional processes and non-ordinary states of consciousness, both in his personal life and as a guide for others, Alexandre believes that difficult and strange experiences can often act as hidden gateways, waiting to initiate each of us into a relationship with life that is infused with greater awareness, authenticity, and heart.


In collaboration with his wife, Alyona, he co-creates offerings that are devoted to bringing healing, awareness and transformation to community. Deeply informed by his on-going apprenticeship with Soul and Nature, as well as the living wisdom of his Creole-Mauritian-African-Asian-European-Melanesian ancestors, Alexandre honours the many human and other-than-human teachers who continuously animate and enrich his work. He currently lives, dreams, and practices on Wurundjeri country in Melbourne, Australia.

PACFA Member Registration Number: 26804


Experience & Training

  • The River Course: An Integrative Approach to Psychedelic Therapies and Sacred Plant Medicine - Modern Spirit (w/ Joe Tafur, M.D), Online, 2020 

  • Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Professional Training (PACFA accredited) - Metavision Institute, Australia, 2018-2020

  • Foundations of Ritual and Ancestral Lineage Healing - Ancestral Medicine, Online, 2019-2020

  • Foundational Counselling Skills Professional Development Certificate - Metavision Institute, Australia, 2018

  • Holotropic Breathwork™ Modules (The Power Within; Music & Transcendence; Being on Country; The Holotropic Paradigm; The Therapeutic Use of Substances) - Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia & Spain, 2017-2019 

  • Peer Support Facilitator Training for Integrating Spiritually Transformative Experiences - Certification  ACISTE, Online, 2017

  • Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Ho’oponopono Training - Mana O Kahiko, Australia, 2017

  • Intensive in Plant Spirit Shamanism (Vegetalismo) Training - Santuario Huistin, Peru, 2016

  • iNLP Practitioner Training - QC Seminars, Australia, 2007

  • Bachelor of Business - Monash University, Australia, 2004-2008


I am actively engaged in ongoing professional development, including supervision, mentoring, and integrative trainings, which support me in my continuous evolution as a holistic practitioner. I am also committed to ongoing personal inner-work and self-inquiry, and view this as imperative for being able to guide others with integrity and care.

My Story

I was born on the small tropical island of Mauritius and immigrated with my family to Melbourne, Australia - across the traditional lands of the Boonwurrung & Wurundjeri peoples - at the tender age of 9-months old. With the irony of being given three names at birth (Pierre Alexandre Guiselain), and originating from a displaced mixed ancestry, much of my seeking in life has been centred around discovering the genuine feeling of “home” - specifically in culture, place, and identity.  


Strangely, I never knew in my early years that I would one day embark on the journey of becoming a psychotherapist and facilitator – it all happened in quite a mysterious way. To the mixed Creole culture that I stem from, the archetype of the Healer, let alone the notion of a psychotherapist, has been mostly lost and buried by the stories of slavery, indoctrinated religion, and the western dream of material progress. In a way, this became part of my fate growing up, as I struggled to reconcile my soul’s desires with the constant pressures from the world around me to become "successful." From an early age, I dreamed of becoming a nurse, spent much of time alone playing musical instruments, and was captivated by the magic in reading and telling stories. However, I quickly perceived that my natural inclinations, as well as my innate sensitivity, eccentricity and caring nature, didn't seem to fit into the social image of what it meant to be "a real man" in the modern world. 


In my socially-accepted "first" life, I found threads of inspiration through immersing myself in learning African & Brazilian percussion, practising martial arts, writing songs & poetry, reading self-help books and attending personal development courses. With a natural love for working with people, and the desire to eventually work for myself, I decided that the only "realistic" option was to study a university degree in Business. After graduating in 2008, I then spent the next 7 years living a fun and fast-paced lifestyle - juggling band and DJ'ing gigs, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, travelling the world, and a full-time career in corporate sales and business development. This lifestyle eventually led to a series of painful events and mistakes, which flung me into the underworld, so to speak, and forced me to come to terms with the danger of the inauthentic fast-life that I was living. I felt lost in my identity and had no context as to the emotionally dark place that I found myself in. Mysteriously, however, this ignited a fire deeper within, urging me to begin letting the old and inauthentic aspects of myself die so that my "second" soul-led life could be born.


In 2014, I was introduced to my life-partner Alyona, which was an incredibly life-changing series of events. Within a year of our relationship, quite naturally, our paths began to weave together, as we held a shared calling to be of service as helping guides, and to live a more simple and meaningful life. Around the same time, I also encountered the ancient practice of working with ceremonial plant medicines, specifically Ayahuasca & Huachuma, which also radically shifted the course of my life, gifting great healing and further deepening my spiritual connection. From this place, I made the decision to end my corporate career, and Alyona and I decided to sell our material belongings, to travel the world and follow the mysterious breadcrumbs that we were discovering alongside each other. During this time overseas, we travelled to Bali, Costa Rica, and Peru, seeking to understand on a deeper level what our authentic gifts were, and how we might be able to bring these gifts to community in a genuine way. And with no modern distractions or external influences, we listened and waited for answers to echo back.  


After completing an intensive in Vegetalismo (plant-spirit shamanism) in the Peruvian Amazon, we received the “call to return” to Australia - to return back to where we first began. The profound experience of being in isolation with inner and outer wild nature bestowed upon us many blessings, as well as the challenging responsibility to live the wisdom from our inner journeys and overseas travels together. In practice, however, this major shift in lifestyle looked somewhat uneventful and strange externally according to our urban environment, as we shifted to a slower, quieter and more intentional dance with life.


As I continued opening to the next steps on my journey, the guidance I was seeking began to slowly echo back. I immersed myself in local and global Men’s groups, and spent time working with holistic practitioners from around the world, attempting to ground the wisdom from the deep innerwork overseas. It became clear for me that it was time to begin shifting from focusing solely on my personal healing journey, and to begin learning how to hold space for others as my vocation. However, I wasn’t interested in conventional psychological approaches, and was determined to engage in training that upheld a truly integrative psychospiritual framework when working with individuals. Shortly after, I decided to complete post-graduate training in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy (specifically, Process-oriented Psychology), which provided me the expanded framework and in-depth training that I was seeking. Alongside the therapy training, I also encountered Grof Holotropic Breathwork & Transpersonal Psychology, attending modules locally and internationally for my own personal healing and transformation, and eventually began apprenticing with certified facilitators in Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales. These experiential modalities and approaches, as well as my ongoing inner work and apprenticeship with life, form the bridge that supports me to guide individuals with an integrated holistic framework that honours both the reality and mysteries of modern life. 


I feel honoured to share this sacred work through A Healing Bridge, in such initiatory times of existential crisis and potential radical transformation. I hope that the threads of my story bring you into contact with some of the hidden meaning and mythic threads embedded in your own journey. And of course, I welcome you into this work, if it calls you: whether you're just entering the cocoon, crumbling into pieces, or drying off your wings and preparing to take flight.

~ Alexandre Jodun

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We acknowledge the Wurundjeri peoples of Melbourne, Australia, the traditional custodians of the land that we have the privilege of living and practicing on.

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