Alexandre Jodun


Alexandre Jodun is a holistic psychotherapist, facilitator, emergent ritualist, soul activist, poet, and musician, who's deeply passionate about exploring and reviving what it means to be fully human. His approach to therapy (or "soul-work") is process-oriented, body-centred, relationally-focused (animist), and mythopoetic, focused on guiding individuals to re-attune their awareness to the wise intelligence that lies within body, dreams, relationships, ancestry, nature and the Mystery.

In practice, Alexandre predominantly works with sensitive men and womxn who are yearning to go deeper on their spiritual path. Often times, the individuals who feel called to this kind of soul-work are standing at a threshold in life and experiencing some form of grief, outrage, pain, or longing that they feel can no longer be suppressed or kept in the dark. And, in line with James Hillman's words, they are longing "not so much to fix what's broken, but to get what's broken blessed.”   


As a bridge between process-oriented and transpersonal psychology, and earth-based and indigenous perspectives, Alexandre empowers those he works with to reclaim power, vitality and wholeness that was originally lost due to trauma and conditioning. And through the caring and empowering therapeutic container, to begin further developing into adulthood, creating a life filled with greater meaning, awareness, heart, and authenticity. Through his work with deep emotional processes and non-ordinary states of consciousness over the last 6 years, both in his personal life and as a guide for others, Alexandre believes that difficult and strange experiences can often act as hidden gateways, waiting to initiate each of us into our unique and life-enhancing ways of being, as well as the inherent gifts that we came into this world with to offer. 

In collaboration with his wife, Alyona, he co-creates offerings that are devoted to bringing healing, awareness and transformation to community. Deeply informed by his on-going apprenticeship with Soul and Nature, as well as the support from his Creole-Mauritian-African-Asian-European-Melanesian ancestors, Alexandre honours the many human and non-human kin who continuously animate and enrich his work. He currently lives, dreams, and practices on Wurundjeri country in Alphington, Victoria, Australia.

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PACFA Member Registration Number: 26804

Experience & Training

The River Course: An Integrative Approach to Psychedelic Therapies and Sacred Plant Medicine - Modern Spirit (w/ Joe Tafur, M.D), Online, 2020 

An Apprenticeship with Sorrow: Community, Ritual, and the Sacred Work of Grief Series - Francis Weller, Online, 2020

Healing the Dark Side Training - The Four Winds Society, Online, 2020 

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Professional Training (Received High-Achievement Award) - Metavision Institute, Australia, 2018-2020

Foundations of Ritual and Ancestral Lineage Healing - Ancestral Medicine, Online, 2019-2020

Foundational Counselling Skills Professional Development Certificate - Metavision Institute, Australia, 2018

Holotropic Breathwork™ Modules, Workshops & Apprenticing - Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia & Spain, 2017-2020 

- The Power Within Module - Tasmania, 2017

- Being on Country Module - Tasmania, 2017

- Music & Transcendence Module - Tasmania, 2018

- The Holotropic Paradigm Module - Spain, 2019

- The Therapeutic Use of Substances Module - Spain, 2019

Peer Support Facilitator Training for Integrating Spiritually Transformative Experiences - Certification  ACISTE, Online, 2017

Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Ho’oponopono Training - Mana O Kahiko, Australia, 2017

Intensive in Plant Spirit Shamanism (Vegetalismo) 3-month Immersion - Santuario Huistin, Peru, 2016

iNLP Practitioner Training - QC Seminars, Australia, 2007

Bachelor of Business - Monash University, Australia, 2004-2008


I am actively engaged in ongoing professional development, including monthly supervision, mentoring, and integrative trainings, which support me in my continuous evolution as a holistic practitioner. I am also committed to ongoing personal inner-work and self-inquiry, and view this as imperative for being able to guide others with integrity and care.