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Holistic Psychotherapy 
for seekers on a path of healing and growth

A genuine path of healing, transformation, and maturation is no easy quest. It's certainly not overnight work. Often, the urge to embark on a path of healing comes as a mysterious calling to live a more authentic and fulfilling life, disguised initially as crisis or difficulty. 

These crises, or "little deaths," are often unexpected messengers, which we believe, attempt to initiate us into new ways of being, thinking, imagining, relating, and living in the world. Sometimes, it is through difficulty and ordeals in our lives that we begin to uncover who we deeply are, beyond our everyday ego-identity.


These situations can show up as chronic body pain and physical illness; a mental health crisis; the death of a loved one; growing up in an abusive family; the loss of a job or a financial crisis; a devastating heart-break; a miscarriage or stillbirth, and many other kinds of challenging life events and processes. Through these emotional and interpersonal hardships and periods of uncertainty, life might be opening you into having a larger conversation with the world.

You might be wondering...

Who am I - beyond my everyday titles, roles, and responsibilities?

What really matters to me?

What does my Soul (or deeper Self) long for? And how can I live into this?

Where is my sense of belonging? 

What is life attempting to teach or show me?

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Our Approach to Healing & Soul-work 

Our style of therapy is holistic, somatic, and spiritually-rooted: integrating ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary modalities that focus on supporting individuals to heal and thrive. 


Our therapeutic approach is dynamic and eclectic, drawing upon diverse lineages, with influences from Grof Holotropic Breathwork & Transpersonal Psychology™, Grief-work with Francis Weller, and personal exploration with plant medicines within the Mestizo Vegetalismo/Curanderismo traditions based in Peru. In addition to these influences, we are currently undergoing an intensive 3-year initiation in psychedelic medicine facilitation and mysticism with the AWE Foundation, which is informing and transforming the direction of our future work. The heart of our approach is inspired by study and training in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, based in Process-Oriented Psychology (also known as Process-work) through the Metavision Institute in Australia, which is the core therapeutic method utilized in our practice.


Process-work was developed by Arnold Mindell, PhD in Zurich, Switzerland in the 70s and was inspired by the ancient wisdom and contemporary work of many philosophies and schools of thought including Jungian Depth Psychology, Taoism, Shamanism and Indigenous Wisdom, Systems theory and Quantum Physics.


Process-work is an awareness modality that, at essence, is about connecting in with the river of our deeper experience that runs underneath our everyday surface reality. This allows us to access and embody the hidden meaning and intelligence in troublesome, unknown, and extraordinary states and encounters. This means that instead of turning away from what's difficult or unfamiliar (or simply relieving symptoms), we gently turn towards what's unknown, challenging, or emerging, and become curious about what life is trying to awaken in us. 


In a contemporary culture where we may not be guided in how to do inner-work and take responsibility for our psycho-spiritual lives and relationships, process-work inspires us to track the unique rhythm and style of our own soul, moving us towards greater aliveness, authenticity, and wholeness. 

On a practical level, in a Holistic Psychotherapy session, we may explore what's unfolding in your process through: talk-therapy, role-play, embodied dream-work, nature-based practices, art, meditation and guided imagery, somatic tracking, movement, and ritual.

Areas we can support and guide you in

  • when you are navigating challenging emotional states such as fear, shame, anger, and overwhelm 

  • when you are seeking a loving container to express varying expressions pertaining to grief and loss 

  • when you are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, or depression

  • when you are experiencing an identity crisis or a "dark night of the soul" 

  • when you are going through a major transition in life 

  • when you are wanting to explore challenges arising from a history of abuse and/or inter-generational soul-wounds (eg: developmental, cultural, racial, educational, and religious trauma)

  • when you are seeking to unpack the impact of harmful cultural, religious, or societal forces (eg: racism, sexism, homophobia/transphobia, discrimination, and other forms of oppression) 

  • when you are seeking to explore your relationship with your sensuality, sexuality, and erotic life 

  • when you are seeking to embody a deeper intimacy, transparency, and authenticity in relationships and romantic partnerships (including non-conventional relationships such as polyamory/non-monogamy)

  • when you are wanting to reclaim your voice, develop communication skills to navigate vulnerable conversations and establish boundaries in relationships

  • when you are exhausted from living in your mind and would like to re-connect to your body's wisdom and other ways of perceiving and knowing

  • when you are interested in or disturbed by dreams and nightmares, including childhood dreams, recurring dreams, sleep paralysis, etc.

  • when you are seeking to discover your gifts and explore your calling or vocation in life

  • when you are called to connect more deeply with the earth, nature, ancestors, and mysticism/spirituality

Image by Olga Thelavart

Principles of Psychotherapy

✾ We value the spiritual, transpersonal, and mystical states of human experience in the quest towards wholeness. This means that we may intentionally work with expanded states of consciousness to explore the hidden meaning and deeper essence behind experiences.

✾ Our approach is non-pathologizing and non-diagnosing, meaning that we do not work from the traditional medical and conventional mental health models. 

✾ We acknowledge that our 'personal' traumas are interconnected with and inseparable from systems of oppression such as late-capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy. This means that the inter-generational, environmental, cultural, historical, and socio-political facets of your human experience have an important place in therapy. 

✾ Our holistic style is both inner-directive and guided, hence our role is to follow your unfolding process, empowering you to listen to your inner intelligence; as well as providing direction when needed, opposed to solely giving advice or assuming the ‘expert’ position. 

✾ We focus on your natural drive for healing, growth, and integration; therefore, we view working with trauma, illness, grief & loss, addiction, and psycho-spiritual crisis as both an opportunity for healing and also as a potential doorway to personal awakening and transformation. 


Details of Working Together


We are both accepting new clients into our practice. Our sessions are held online via Zoom from our space in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  

Please note that any new clients interested in working together require a minimum commitment of working together for 3-months (with an optional weekly, bi-weekly, 3-weekly, or monthly cadence). The initial session (60 mins) will be a consultation session to see if it feels like a good fit for us both, after which we can both make a decision whether to proceed with working together for a minimum of 3 months. After the 3 months, sessions can be booked individually, as and when needed. 

Prices for Sessions (2024):

Rate = AUD$160 / USD$115

Prior to completing your appointment booking via Calendly, please thoroughly read through the information in the calendar which includes details about preparation, terms of service & cancellation agreement, fees & payment instructions, etc.

Sessions are available 1:1. Please note that we *do not* offer medicare rebates or mental health plans. If you're interested in relationship work with your partner(s), visit our Couples Psychotherapy page.

We celebrate and welcome individuals from diverse life experiences and abilities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences, and gender identifications. 

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