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Alyona Kobevka

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[Photo by Ivanna Oksenyuk]

Alyona is a life-long student and seeker, a poet and grief-ritualist, a holistic psychotherapist and a transpersonal guide, devoted to living a life that blooms with radiant compassion and service to the sacred. 

Her calling towards exploring the mystical realms and embodying a vocation within the healing arts was precipitated by personal suffering and familial hardship in her formative years. As an immigrant child, leaving her homeland of Ukraine and moving to the west coast of Canada at the age of seven, she was confronted with having to inhabit a tender and unfamiliar space of liminality. This life-altering event and the symbolic essence of living on the edge, prophesised a way of being that would be nourished by traveling through the inner wild landscapes of consciousness and the outer terrains of this wondrous earth. Required by the powers of Destiny to recognize home and belonging not as a geographical place, but rather, as a way of living on the edges of convention, Alyona now senses her rootedness within the unfolding and ever-evolving path of her heart. 

In her professional life, Alyona has embodied the role of the caregiver and wounded healer, working as a dementia support aid, a social worker, a career counselor, a life coach, a nanny, and most recently as the co-founder of A Healing Bridge with her husband, Alexandre. 

Today, through A Healing Bridge, she writes heart-stirring poetry, offers soul-nourishing support for seekers and sensitive individuals on the psycho-spiritual journey, and co-facilitates small-group containers that focus on honoring the transformative medicine of grief. Her style and approach to trauma healing and spiritual maturation is best suited to folks who are engaging in inner-work, are seeking authenticity and intimacy in their relationships, have an interest in ceremonial or spiritual practice, and feel inspired to commit to the life-long quest of inter-generational healing and genuine growth. 

Alyona is currently undergoing a comprehensive 3-year therapy training in Psychedelic Medicine & Transpersonal Psychology through the AWE Foundation. She currently lives in the Sacred Valley in Peru and offers her services online via Zoom. 

To learn more about Alyona’s approach to healing and soul-work, please visit the Holistic Psychotherapy page

Experience & Training

Psychedelic Therapy Training (3-Year Program) - AWE, Colombia / Ecuador / Mexico / Gabon / Online, 2022-Present

Nine-month Ceremony & Rites of Passage Leadership Training - Katie Asmus, Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute & Haaweatea Holly Bryson, Nature Knows, Online, 2021

An Apprenticeship with Sorrow: Community, Ritual, and the Sacred Work of Grief Series - Francis Weller, Online, 2020

Voices of Twilight & Mist: Ritual Facilitator Training; Feeding Spirit Feeds Us: A Comprehensive Offerings Class; The Alchemy of Community: A Training for Community Facilitators - Liv Mokai Wheeler, Earth's Amulet, Online, 2020

Two-year Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Professional Post-Graduate Training (Received High-Achievement Award) - Metavision Institute, Australia, 2018-2020

Foundations of Ritual & Ancestral Lineage Healing - Daniel Foor, Ancestral Medicine, Online, 2019-2020

Holotropic Breathwork™ 5-day Modules, Workshops & Apprenticing - Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia & Spain, 2017-2020 

* The Power Within Module - Tasmania, 2017

* Being on Country Module - Tasmania, 2017

* Music & Transcendence Module - Tasmania, 2018

* The Holotropic Paradigm Module - Spain, 2019

* The Therapeutic Use of Substances Module - Spain, 2019

* Attended 6 x 1-day workshops as a participant, received 8 x consultations with certified HB™ practitioners, and apprenticed 3 x times at 1-day workshops in Melbourne, Tasmania, and Kincumber.

Intensive in Plant Spirit Shamanism (Vegetalismo) 3-month Immersion, 2 months in plant dieta - Santuario Huistin, Peru, 2016

Bachelor of Social Work - University of Victoria, Canada, 2008-2011

I am actively engaged in ongoing professional development, including supervision, mentoring, personal therapy, and integrative training, which support me in my evolution as a holistic practitioner. I am committed to continuous personal inner-work and self-inquiry, as well as anti-oppressive, non-pathologizing, and diversity-aware practice, and view this as imperative for being able to guide others with integrity and care. 

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