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Alyona Kobevka is a holistic psychotherapist, facilitator, ceremonialist, and poet. Living on the fringes of the mainstream, she bridges the worlds of process-oriented and transpersonal psychology, with earth-based spirituality and animist perspectives, offering an eclectic framework for human development, whilst sensitively attuning to the challenges and longings that emerge within each person that she works with. Her approach to healing is body-oriented, relationally-centred, intuitive, and rooted in the wisdom of nature.

With over a decade of formal study and training, as well as her personal experiences of childhood abuse & trauma, and initiation by the Mystery, she supports others with loving presence and practical tools, to become intimate with the fullness of who they are, by learning to compassionately welcome home the abandoned and rejected aspects of themselves. She works predominantly with womxn and sensitive individuals walking a path of healing and awakening, who are retrieving their personal power that was lost due to trauma, reclaiming their body as a home of wisdom, and shedding their outworn identities, so that they may remember their natural way of being and belonging, and experience more vitality, connection, and trust in their lives.

A Healing Bridge was co-founded by Alyona and her husband, Alexandre in 2017, and continues to evolve as a space for individual and community exploration and healing. Guided by her Slavic-Baltic-Jewish Ancestors, and various spirit helpers in the unseen worlds, Alyona is dedicated to walking a path that is true to her heart, and supporting others to remember, and live, who they truly are. She currently lives on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne Australia.

PACFA Member Registration Number: 26806

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Experience & Training

  • Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Post-Graduate Professional Training (PACFA accredited) - Metavision Institute, Australia, 2018-2020

  • Foundations of Ritual and Ancestral Lineage Healing - Ancestral Medicine, Online, 2019-2020

  • Holotropic Breathwork™ Modules (The Power Within; Music & Transcendence; Being on Country; The Holotropic Paradigm; The Therapeutic Use of Substances) - Grof Transpersonal Training, Australia & Spain, 2017-2019 

  • Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Ho’oponopono Training - Mana O Kahiko, Australia, 2017

  • Intensive in Plant Spirit Shamanism (Vegetalismo) Training - Santuario Huistin, Peru, 2016

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200hr) - Froglotus, Bali, 2014

  • Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching - The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Online, 2013

  • Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 - OmReiki, Australia, 2013

  • Bachelor of Social Work - University of Victoria, Canada, 2008-2011

I am actively engaged in ongoing professional development, including supervision, mentoring, and integrative trainings, which support me in my continuous evolution as a holistic practitioner. I am also committed to ongoing personal inner-work and self-inquiry, and view this as imperative for being able to guide others with integrity and care.

My Story

My name, Alyona, was given to me by my mother out of a Russian fairy tale, meaning “Guiding Light and Shining Sun." I was born in a small resort town in the Ukraine and immigrated to Canada at six years old with my parents and maternal grandmother. 


Since the beginning of stepping foot on Coast Salish territory - also known as Victoria, British Columbia - I was confronted with the distressing feeling of being betwixt and between, standing at the threshold between my Ukrainian identity and modern Canadian life. The impact of losing the connection to my cultural roots, sparked an aching longing for belonging within my soul. And yet, the place I was now calling home filled me with an agonizing pressure to be somebody other than who I was, and to live up to the dreams of the new world around me. Hence it felt far too easy to conform and narrow my focus towards the “right” way of living, which I thought, similar to everyone else, could only be accessed by following a linear, academic path. Yet I always knew that I was a 'helper', so I enrolled to study Nursing at eighteen, completing six months of the program and then working as a care aid with dementia patients for four years. Following that study, I also completed a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work when I was twenty-four.

Nevertheless, as a young woman I had experiences which revealed that there was another world behind the dominant one I was conforming to. For ten years, I spent several months each year out in nature. As I explored, adventured and lived out at sea, I felt incredibly alive and at home in a magical world! This connection with the earth and nature gave me a love that I so desperately needed at the time, and planted seeds for my true calling that I would come to discover later in life. 


In 2011, I was guided to make a radical move in my life which came quite unexpectedly. And within a five-month period, I sold most of my things, packed two suitcases, and moved to Melbourne, Australia on my own. After three months of landing in Melbourne, I began working as a social worker in child protection, within prisons, and with the homeless, "fulfilled" one could say on the outside, yet I was extremely lost on the inside. After three years of working full-time in this field, I gave it all up, listening to the quiet voice of my heart, which would speak to me in subtle yet undeniable ways - that this work was not my genuine vocation. Around the same time, my love for practicing yoga and my interest in spirituality was pointing me in a new direction. I began to explore various holistic pathways and trained as a yoga teacher, reiki healing practitioner, and life/health coach, starting a small private practice in 2014. Around the same time, I discovered the work of sacred plant medicine, specifically Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro). This was a pivotal period of my life that opened doors on my healing and creative path. I felt a familiarity and recognition with these plants, as if I've connected with their spirits many times before.
Meeting my life-partner Alexandre was one of the greatest gifts of my life. Very naturally we merged paths, and committed to living life in rhythm with our shared dreams and longings. We got married within a year of meeting, sold many of our belongings, and wandered the world, traveling to Bali, Costa Rica, and Peru. Holding a tender question at the heart of our relationship, of how we can authentically contribute our combined gifts to community, we completed an intensive in Vegetalismo (plant spirit shamanism) in the Amazonian jungle in 2016. 

After returning to Australia from Peru, there seemed to be nothing else to do but to learn what integration actually means in practice. I spent many months simply being, which would certainly look like doing nothing to the outside world. This 'nothingness' was imperative for stabilizing and embodying my new sense of self. Eventually, l received a message about my next step, which was to study psychotherapy, specifically from an integrative lens. I completed my post-graduate training in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy at the Metavision Institute, which has been instrumental in supporting me to ground the wisdom from the Amazon. In conjunction with therapy training, I discovered the healing modality of Grof Holotropic Breathwork & Transpersonal Psychology. From this point onward, I attended Breathwork workshops and modules internationally for my own personal healing, and supported others by serving as an apprentice, alongside certified facilitators in Melbourne, Sydney, and Tasmania. As a student of nature and life, I am grateful to be able to do what I love, and to share my passions with others.

I hope that my story may inspire you to reflect on the threads that run through your own journey, and how the many ordeals and blessings in life have shaped you. 


~ Alyona Kobevka

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We acknowledge the Wurundjeri peoples of Melbourne, Australia, the traditional custodians of the land that we have the privilege of living and practicing on.

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