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Interview with
Katie Asmus

Conversation #2: "Full-body Prayer: Weaving the Strands of Earth, Soma, & Soul"

"All of my work is through the lens of body-mind-nature-spirit connection. That’s how I experience and perceive the world. What I believe is that [the body] is our home. This is how we feel everything, this is how we experience the world, this is where we experience relationship, this is where we experience Spirit, or spirituality.

Sometimes we think we need to go out of our bodies to feel connected and I feel like if we come into our bodies there’s a whole other experience we can have of the interconnection. My belief over time through my work with people is that the biggest challenge with humans is tolerating feeling-sensation. The biggest  work that I do with people is tolerating being in our bodies and I start with tolerating feeling good.”

- Katie Asmus

Katie Asmus is a Somatic and nature-based Psychotherapist, Ceremonialist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher and Rites of Passage Guide. Katie is in awe of the amazing inner wisdom, innate capacity to heal, and overall brilliance of human beings and draws great resource and guidance from the earth, her human community as well as from the ancestors and the unseen world. Founder and director of the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute in Boulder, CO, (US), Katie describes the essence of her Medicine as: bringing forth the innate wisdom within every-body, opening people’s minds and hearts to greater possibilities, and bringing more love and peace to the planet through tending the hearts and souls of the humans. With a Masters degree in Somatic Psychology, over 30 years leading individuals and group programs out in nature, and a lifetime of apprenticing to ceremony and rites of passage, Katie says the essence of her work is normalizing, celebrating and bringing compassion to what it means to be human.  


For the past 20 years, alongside maintaining a private psychotherapy practice, she has taught graduate students at Naropa University and Prescott College in the areas of Somatic and Nature-based Therapies. In addition, through the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute (and in collaboration with other inspiring colleagues) she created and facilitates both on-line and in-person workshops and trainings in Somatic Trauma work, Ceremony & Rites of Passage facilitation, as well as in a wide variety of wilderness, adventure and nature-based therapy skills. Having sat with thousands of people from around the world and from all walks of life, Katie is a tender of the thresholds and strongly believes in the necessity of following our deepest longing while simultaneously knowing and feeling our interconnection and belonging to the greater web of life.

In this interview, Katie radiantly and passionately shares her deep love for human beings and the Earth, and guides us back into the place where our bodies interconnect with the wild world. 

Themes: Body as Home ● Nature as Healer ● Personally Meaningful & Culturally Relevant Ceremony  ● Ritual & Rites of Passage


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