Interview with

Kedar S. Brown

Conversation #1: "Following Your Calling & 

Discovering Your Unique Medicine"

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"If you're not initiatied into the mythology, into the bone memory, of your own life, you'll likely be living an existence that is not entirely your own. And the life that you came here to live, standing several paces in front of you, looking back over its shoulder with eyes wide waiting for you to remember to walk towards it.


Where are you? 

It says, "I am here."

Who are you?

"This moment."

Do not live your life in such a way that others give you a name you have no belonging to."

- Kedar S. Brown 

Kedar is the founder and director of Rites of Passage Council, an organization offering nature immersion ceremonial encampments around the world. He is an internationally known ceremonialist, healer, intuitive and teacher of psychological and spiritual awareness with over thirty-five years of professional experience. Over this time Kedar has developed an effective and unique approach to emotional and spiritual healing by braiding together his depth of clinical knowledge of experiential psychotherapies with more nature based, indigenous wisdom teachings and healing methods from around the world.

In this rich conversation, Kedar gracefully walks us through the lost sacred art of "following your name" as we take a look through an ancient and integrative lens, imagining what it might be like to live into the unique medicine that we came into this world with.

Themes: Initiation Into Our Unique Gifts ● Grief As Healer ● Ancestral Healing & Connection As Etiquette ● Ritual & Ceremony



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