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Interview with
Beáta Alföldi

Conversation #7: "Creating Heaven on Earth"

"In terms of my own practice in the morning, I keep it very simple. I will light candles and put incense on. I’m a person who loves sensuality so I will put music on and I’ll sit and just be. I’ll connect in with the Earth, I’ll connect in with Spirit, and most importantly, I’ll connect in with myself and tune into the messages that are coming - that are always here for all of us - if we can quiet our minds."

- Beáta Alföldi

Beáta is an international teacher, workshop facilitator, shamanic & energetic healer, seer, ceremonial leader, writer and speaker. She has an intuitive gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation and facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops as well as national and international retreats. She has featured at major events, festivals and conferences as a guest speaker, ceremonial leader and workshop facilitator. 


Beáta created the ‘Integral Woman’ program for the Awareness Institute in Sydney and co-facilitated a transformational group journey to Peru, where she lived and was initiated into the ancient shamanic practices and plant medicines of the Amazon and Andes. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences provide continued inspiration for her work. Beáta was invited to contribute a chapter to the book Shamanism for the New Millennium, which became an Amazon #1 Bestseller. She is also featured in the documentary film – ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ which is due to be released globally. Beáta currently lives between Mexico and Europe where she facilitates online programs, global retreats, 1:1 online private sessions, mentorship programs and ceremonies.


She is passionate about inspiring individuals to find their own connection to spirit, soul, and nature, and the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and radiantly alive!

In this interview, Beáta speaks about the importance of keeping things simple and the ways that she nourishes her daily life through embodied spiritual practice, as well as how she turns to ceremony for co-creating with the Unseen dimensions of life. She also speaks about her life's initiations and rites of passage through "losing everything" and how this had led her to walk her path fearlessly, transmuting stories of disempowerment into ones of wholehearted expression, freedom & service to her global community. 

Themes: Connection to Nature, Soul, Spirit & Ceremony ● Transformation through Grief & Death ● Embodiment & Empowerment 

Beáta's Offering

Beáta is offering a 10% discount for her online 3-month Accredited Shamanic Practitioner Training for 1 woman and 1 man who watches this interview. This program will run from Feb-April 2022. 

Click here to find out more about her shamanic certification training

Contact Beáta via email to book your spot (mentioning that you watched this interview) and request the 10% discount:

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