Holistic psychotherapy & transpersonal counselling for
spiritual seekers on a path of healing and transformation

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with Alyona Kobevka & Alexandre Jodun

Together, we will enter into the heart of what's difficult, vulnerable, or unknown, and connect with the parts of yourself that have been forgotten and are yearning to know their true home. 

Welcome to A Healing Bridge. It’s not unlikely that you’ve found us at a time where there may be a crumbling or cracking-open happening through your body, soul, and outer world. Transformation may be approaching you and attempting to move you into a new way of being and relating, to yourself and all of life. Perhaps, this is a kind of summoning from the unseen that is drawing you deeper into the mysteries of your own life and true calling.


As a sensitive individual, a seeker of wisdom, and a wounded healer who yearns to make a real impact in the world, you are ready to explore your rich emotional world, the patterns that you carry, and the longings that stir within you. Maybe you're a natural helper, often giving to others before yourself, someone that others turn to when they are in need. And yet, you're coming to the realization that to be a healing presence for others requires a commitment to your own inner work, alongside the presence of a loving guide. 


As your companions on this soul’s journey, we will walk beside you and draw forth the wisdom and power in what's hidden and what you cannot see on your own. Our support and guidance will provide a safe and nourishing ground for healing and awakening, where your own centre of being can be found and where you can grow - and genuinely deepen - into the fullness of who you naturally are.

We believe that our troubling times are calling for us to remember who we naturally are. This re-membering is possible as we make the courageous and radical transition from the normative path of achievement, comfort, and materialism, to the transformative path of awakening our body-mind-spirit, tending to our relationships with humans and non-humans, and cultivating a reciprocal and meaningful connection with the earth and natural world. 


We work with individuals who are in the heart of this transition, those initiated by the Mystery of life who are being called to shed their out-worn identities and perceptions of the world, in order to revive the vital parts of themselves that have been forgotten, neglected, and repressed within the pressures of modern mainstream life.


This is the journey of transforming intergenerational trauma and fear into a sense of rooted empowerment and trust within life. It is the path of living intimately with the sacredness of your Being. It is the brave underworld descent - through the portal of trauma, loss, and grief - into recovering the authentic gifts of your true nature, which the world so desperately needs now. 

We can support you to


❃ Go deeper on your path of healing and transforming intergenerational trauma. 

❃ Recover a felt-sense of safety in your body and help you to grow your capacity to be present with and process a wide range of emotional states.

❃ Learn to listen to the meaningful, subtle guidance of your body, intuition, and dreams.

❃ Gain the emotional and relational skills to be able to lovingly welcome home the abandoned and rejected aspects of yourself. 

❃ Navigate interpersonal conflict with authenticity and courage.

❃ Develop expanded perception, awareness, and ways of knowing beyond the rational mind.

❃ Slowly cultivate genuine self-worth and self-compassion. 

❃ Develop and strengthen your relationship with the Earth, Nature, and the Mystery.

❃ Discover the hidden gifts in your wounds and trauma, and unearth the power behind what disturbs and challenges you.

❃ Integrate your spiritual/mystical experiences into embodied wisdom that supports you in remembering your wholeness.

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  Heal Trauma &
Engage in Soul-Work



 Cultivate Belonging &

Transform in Community

We are Alyona Kobevka and Alexandre Jodun, a married couple and the voices behind A Healing Bridge. We’re holistic psychotherapists & facilitators who offer experiential therapies for seekers, wounded healers, and sensitive individuals on their path of psychospiritual healing and transformation. We are lovers of the earth and the natural world and are devoted to contributing to the evolution of consciousness and reviving the ancestral, animist ways of living that can support us as a people to remember who we are and what we’re here for. 


Podcast Interview Collaborations 

Embodied & Awake Podcast -6.png

Embodied & Awake Podcast:

"Partnership as a

Path to Enlightenment" 

This is a juicy and intimate collaboration that truly touched our hearts. If love and romantic relationships is a topic that touches you deeply, we think you'll appreciate this one. In Alison Rothman's words, "[this] episode is a beautiful conversation about soul partnership, true love, the path of intimacy, the essentialness of individual inner connection, and the messy and less-than-sexy truth of enlightened partnership."

Also available to listen to on

Apple or Spotify.


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Embodied & Awake Podcast

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Reviving the soul & Remembering Our Belo

Therapeía Podcast:

"Reviving the Soul & Remembering our Belonging"

In this 2-part interview (Click here for Part 1 & Click here for Part 2), Alyona & Alexandre speak with fellow psychotherapy colleagues and friends, Indigo Melrose & Rose Harvey about how to revive our wild souls in order to find an authentic sense of belonging and remember who we naturally are and why we’re here. We describe what we mean by Soul, how the disturbances in our life can act as gateways to meaning and transformation, and much more..

Also available to listen to on

Apple or Spotify.

Links to Indigo's Work: 

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Therapeía Podcast

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TTSF Podcast cover (2).png

Tending The Sun Fire:

Myth & Story-telling


Tending the Sun Fire is a series of rich and imaginative conversations exploring the crises of the contemporary world through an archetypal, astrological and mythopoetic lens. In this podcast series, Alexandre collaborates with dear friend Chris Skidmore, as they tell myths and stories on each episode while weaving together depth psychology, astrology and animist perspectives to explore re-awakening the Soul. 

Also available to listen to on

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Tending The Sun Fire Website

Tending The Sun Fire Podcast

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