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A Meeting Of Souls

Most days,

this is the sweetest

and most sublime nectar

where I can never get enough

of tasting the juices

in this Love-making of togetherness

and the ways my animal body

rests entirely

in the fullness of belonging.

Other days,

the sharp cold and vast expanse

of distance and disconnection between us

and the familiar yet ancient grief-pains

greeting me through the gaze

of my Beloved

is a bitterness I struggle to swallow,

is a door I’m intimidated to walk through.

Yet I walk through,

with my whole heart,

and every time

I’m awakened and sensitized to the All

that is this gift of union:

the magic and mystery,

the tension, boredom, and bliss,

I find myself embracing

and being embraced

every more strongly

by the Beingness

that made all of this so.

© Alyona Kobevka


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