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Heart of Hearts

My heart is pulsing, vibrating Earth.

My heart is Jasmine bush --

it’s green leaves photosynthesizing

the archaic sun rays of sensuous amor,

sending with song, white-blossom

chants of perfumed nectar

to dance in the wind

to the poly-rhythmic Eros

of Lord Weaver’s dreaming.

My heart is also that sun,

beaming affectionate rays

of fiery loving-kindness:

to reaching branches,

hardened ice sheets

and hibernating wild kin.

My heart is a prismatic wonder,

a great, great, great, great, great…grandchild

of the Lord Weaver’s heart,

beating the same rhythms,

pumping the same life-force,

longing to open

like the great lotus

that grew out of Siddhartha’s navel

and dreamed him

to eventually become

the Awakened One.

My heart is your heart, is our heart --

an ancestral chamber,

a more-than-anthropos maloka,

a meeting place welcoming us both

to enter into the ceremony of Life,

beginning with the ritual gesture

of reverence -- that is:

the coming together of two chests

where the two worlds touch.

~ Alexandre

© Alexandre Jodun


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