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Guardians of Earth

When you leave your house with your heart broken open to this world of everything beneath the Sun remember this: on this ordinary day you are being summoned by the ones who came before you and the ones that are yet to come.

They are asking you to tend with needle and thread, with song and dance, with words and silence and protest, to what is lost in this world and never forgotten in the world your soul is seeking to inhabit.

“Seek your destiny”, they say as they pick up the shards of your heart and gather them into in a mandala of beauty, in the shape of a wing.

No longer can you flee from your rootlessness when you know that inside of it is a place of shelter for many others to dwell.

No longer can you run from your incompleteness when you see that in this humble and intense life you are mothering and fathering the visions of a society yet to be born. “Those are your children”, they say. Hold them close.

This time of growing in death-wisdom comes from the ways that you meet your heart and the heart of the others and begin to re-shape the world through your truth and tears, through your listening and devotion.

Examine what you’ve been shown and not shown about how to live. Look backward and forward for long enough as you sit and offer your smoke of prayers to the friends protecting you on this life-quest.

Feel your heart breaking open wide so that you remember what you’re made of.

© Alyona Kobevka


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