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An Intimate Video Series with Healers & Visionaries

Ancestors in the Making

Ancestors In The Making is a series of interviews and conversational pilgrimages into the territories of ancestral re-connection & belonging, ritual, ceremony & spirit work, and initiation & rites of passage.


Throughout this intimate video series, we spend time with visionaries and healers as we journey to pick up the lost threads of earth-based wisdom and ancestral ways of living, to remember who we are at our core and how we may fully embody the soul gifts that we came into this world with.


We invite you to wander with us into landscapes that are not often explored and to wonder about what it truly means to be human at this time. This is a call to those who yearn to live more fully and to connect with more heart and meaning to All that is.

Alyona and Alexandre - 17 of 17.jpg

Why Ancestors In The Making

The creation of this 8-part series was inspired by a passionate call from our ancestors and the dreaming of the earth, nudging us to engage with the voices of living wisdom existing in our global human community.


This series was co-created in 2021 out of our home in Melbourne, Australia with individuals living in Australia, USA, Mexico and Peru.

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Conversation #8: "Ancestral Futures of Re-membrance" with Amanda Jade Fiorino / Tempist

Amanda is a guide, writer, mother, ancestral liminalist, mountain dweller, and hybrid. Her work is a confluence of diverse heritages infused by her passion for and love of grief, embodiment, eco-mystical experiencing, ancestral re-membrance, death & dying, inter-species relating, and place-based knowing. Her work is deeply informed by her ancestors, the lands she has lived with and currently lives with, the liminal, and the dreamtime.

In this conversation, Amanda conjures the terrains and ways of the Trickster as she leads us into the multiplicious and rich worlds that she embodies. We wander into the mysterious and muse on the themes of ancestral liminalism, the deification of grief, the dance with uprootedness and belonging, and what it looks like in Amanda's sacred unfolding and evolution to live at the crossroads.

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Conversation #7: "Creating Heaven on Earth" with Beáta Alföldi

Beáta is an international teacher, workshop facilitator, shamanic & energetic healer, seer, ceremonial leader, writer and speaker. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to find their own connection to spirit, soul, and nature, and the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and radiantly alive!

In this interview, Beáta shares with us how she stays connected to trusting life during such a difficult time as now, what death & dying have taught her about wholeheartedly living, and how remembering the ways of Nature and Spirit can support each of us to re-connect to the living wisdom inside of us. 

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Conversation #6: "Ancestors, Initiation, and Remembering Our Own Medicine" with Lila Lieberman

Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous methodologies of healing for twenty-five years. Her current work is a systemic body of knowledge she received directly through the plant kingdom and dreams after completing her initiation. It addresses the universal allocations of medicine in all natural bodies and the “Five Pillars of Medicine” that follow specific timeless principles of evolution.

In this interview, Lila shares some of the highlights and pivotal moments that led her to be initiated as a sangoma - traditional healer and seer - and guides us on a journey of remembrance through the transmission of soul-wisdom, into the realms of initiation, ceremony, and ancestral re-connection.

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Conversation #5: "Ayahuasca Wisdom: Integrating Visionary Experiences" with Kerry Moran

Kerry is a Psychotherapist, Writer, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Archetypal Astrologer, and apprentice Tabaquera. Kerry has been working with ayahuasca integration since 2014. She brings decades of experience in depth psychology and Buddhist meditation to her practice, combining a big-picture understanding of the dynamics of the integration process with a deeply compassionate regard for each individual.

In this interview, we explore the rich territory and the many facets of ayahuasca integration and touch on re-connecting with the body, working with dreams, and coming home to the earth and our ancestry.

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Conversation #4: "Blessings and Teachings: Shamanic Spirit Work & Ancestral Remembering," with Sharon Bolt

Sharon is a multidisciplinary therapist, skilled Spirit Weaver, Master Trainer, and Ceremonialist, who teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training expertise through Shamanic Energy Training, which is an embodiment programme of personal empowerment. She is also a Spiritual Midwife and Wounded Healer, who helps people to 'birth' their True Authentic Selves.

In this interview, we explore the fascinating intersection of shamanism, sacred plant medicine, ancestral healing, and spirit work in the contemporary world. 

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Conversation #3: "Tracking Soul: Becoming an Apprentice to the Mysteries," with Doug Van Houten

Doug is a visual-artist and the founder of Body, Art, Soul, as well as a seasoned Soul-guide at Animas Valley Institute. He supports and mentors individuals as they uncover their own unique gifts through nature-based and soul-rooted practices. In his revolutionary work, he draws upon the wisdom of the natural world, depth-psychology, eco-psychology, dreams, somatic knowing, poetry, and many pan-cultural, soul furthering practices.

In this interview, we explore Doug's extensive experience guiding others through Soul Initiation, and we discuss what it might mean to live as an awakened and visionary adult in these initiatory modern times. 

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Conversation #2: "Full-body Prayer: Weaving the Strands of Earth, Soma, & Soul," with Katie Asmus

Katie Asmus is a Somatic and Nature-based Psychotherapist, Ceremonialist, Coach, Mentor, Teacher and Rites of Passage Guide.  Katie is in awe of the amazing inner wisdom, innate capacity to heal, and overall brilliance of human beings and draws great resource and guidance from the earth, her human community as well as from the ancestors and the unseen world.

In this interview, we explore the beauty and possibility of re-connecting to the wisdom of our bodies and the Earth through engaging in"personally meaningful and culturally relevant" ceremony, ritual, and rites of passage.

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Conversation #1: "Following Your Calling And Discovering Your Unique Medicine," with Kedar S. Brown

Kedar is the founder and director of Rites of Passage Council, an organization offering nature immersion ceremonial encampments around the world. He is an internationally known ceremonialist, healer, intuitive and teacher of psychological and spiritual awareness with over thirty-five years of professional experience.

In this interview, we explore the underlying question, "What might it be like to live into our own mythology and bravely step into a more meaningful life that's aligned with the gifts we were born with?"

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